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Intercontinental Outlaw Shooters Overall Scores Black Gold 2015

Intercontinental Outlaw Shooters Detailed Scores Black Gold 2015

What is an Outlaw Shooter? Well, that would be a cowboy or cowgirl who has watched too many westerns and knows the only true way to shoot like our hero’s did is to just draw and shoot with out bothering to use the sights. Outlaw shooting started at the SMSSin Knoxville, Tennessee and moved quickly to the Ocoee Rangers in Cleveland, Tennessee. There were a group of us cowboys who could not resist the challenge of shooting like they did in the movies. As the popularity caught on we decided to start our own C.A.S. class inside of our local clubs and named the new class “Outlaw Way”  or just  “Outlaw”; as in

“What category are you shooting today?”
“I am going to give that Outlaw Way a try,”
or “I always shoot Outlaw now.”
Tombstone and Beck

As the interest continued to grow in the “Outlaw Way,” we approached several of our area clubs that were hosting larger shoots such as the SMSS Smoky Mountain Shoot-Out in Oak Ridge, TN and the Kentucky State Championship held at Hooten Old Town in McKee, Kentucky to recognize the “Outlaw Way” as a main match class.

This is a Non-SASS category and we do not expect to see it listed at Mule Camp or EOT anytime in the near future, but if you are anywhere in the South you very well may see it listed as a shooting class. We have some excellent ambassadors promoting the “Outlaw Way“: we have Larry Earp down in Florida who shoots just about every weekend somewhere and has a good grip on hip-shooting, we also have Lucky Leroy who hip-shoots his way around Kentucky, Ohio, and parts further north.

Loose Cinch Loose Cinch from the Ocoee Rangers attended EOT and shot with Evil Roy’s posse and showed his stuff pretty well I am told. SMSS boasts at least five hardcore Outlaws with three or four coming and going every month. SMSS has Tennessee Tombstone and Lane who were the first two who gave hip-shooting a try at every match; Curly Bill Kelly, Rawhide Rex, and Badlands Beck converted to the Outlaw Way soon after seeing how much fun it was. Cactus Red and his uncle Kenesaw Kid, Caliber 45, Jim Mayo, Ranger Z, Red Neckerson, and his wife Two Dogs Runin all shoot the Outlaw Way.

I would be remiss if I did not mention Whisky Creek Johnson and Just Little Joe from Possum Trot who are always fun to shoot with, and the infamous T-Bone Dooley. T-Bone is taking top honors shooting from the hip while he is registered in other categories. If there are others out there who are shooting Outlaw regularly, please send me their names and I will gladly add them to the growing list.

The Smoky Mountain Shoot-Out was held in 2008 on March 28th – 30th and we had quite a few Outlaws that gave our fine class a try, we even had a stage set-up on side match day that was shot Outlaw Style and we awarded the fasted shooter. We also had a few new shooters that joined us for the whole match shooting Outlaw. Welcome Hico Kid and Critter T. Longshot to the Outlaw way.

Shooting Outlaw is not for the novice shooter. Much like gunfighter the Outlaw Shooter needs to have a lot of experience in CAS and also not be afraid to miss and keep on missing. This class takes a lot of practice to achieve even a single clean stage much less a clean match. To date, two Outlaw shooters have shot clean matches; Tn. Tombstone and Badlands Beck. You will very seldom see an Outlaw in the top ten at any given match. I am not saying it does not happen but it does not happen very often.